Institut français İstanbul, İstiklal Cad.
24.04.2023 - 19:30

İngilizce altyazılı

Institut français, Litvanya ve Ukrayna Büyükelçiliği, Fransa İstanbul Başkonsolosluğu ve Polonya İstanbul Başkonsolosluğuyla işbirliğiyle sizi MARIUPOLIS 2 (2022) film gösterimine davet ediyor!

24 Nisan Pazartesi, 19:30 (Gösterimden önce saat 18:00’da bir kokteyl verilecek): Kayıt 

Özet (film 112dk, Ukraynaca ve Rusça, İngilizce altyazılı): In 2022, Mantas Kvedaravičius went back to Ukraine, Mariupol, at the heart of the war, to be with the people he had met and filmed in 2015. Following his death, his producers and collaborators have put all their strength into continuing transmitting his work, his vision and his films. Also a PhD in anthropology, Mantas Kvedaravičius wished to testify as a filmmaker as far as possible from the agitation of the media and the politicians. With huge force and sensitivity, Mariupolis 2 depicts life as it continues amidst the bombing and reveals images that convey both tragedy and hope.